REO Sales

With the knowledge and experience of over 450 successful REO sales since the 2008, the broker and the agents of Right Move Real Estate are experts in the care and sale of corporate real estate.  All the classes and certifications in the world are not a substitute for the day to day challenges and unique problems that occur in the management and sale of bank-owned property, only the experience of trouble-shooting and problem solving hundreds of these issues leads to rare and valuable expertise.

Right Move Real Estate has extensive experience in the following REO related tasks: occupancy checks, tenant occupied properties, rent control properties (LA),  drive by BPO, CFK offers, relocation assistance offers, UD court appearances,  eviction and lockout procedures, rekey and property securement, identification of health and safety hazards, trash outs bids and performance, sales clean bids and performance,  interior BPO, repair lists, repair bids, repair management and quality control, residential marketing, sales negotiation, disclosure management,  escrow and closing management.

Right Move Real Estate broker and agents have past experience with the following clients: Aurora Loan Services, California Housing Finance Agency, Guild Mortgage, Aegon Bank, Chase Bank, and Bank of America.

Right Move Real Estate’s broker, James Stinnett, was the in-house REO Broker at a California asset management company from 2008 to 2011 before leaving to start Right Move Real Estate.  There he managed a team of 10 agents, admins, and field reps in the successful closing of over 500 properties.  He worked hand in hand with the asset managers and closers and gained valuable insights, knowledge, and experience.

Please call us to handle your REO sale needs.  Let us show you the difference experience makes!

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